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The Happy List: Simple Pleasures

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Hello, dolls! How’s your weekend? Mine is a bit hectic due to some personal/family events we have to attend to, but I’m pretty sure it would be fun! What’s your agenda for today? Whatever it is you have on your list, don’t forget to find the good in everything and everyone. Have a lovely Sunday!


Lulu’s Happy List

  1. people’s happy faces smiling at me
  2. fun chat session with Tita Vi
  3. lost 4lbs, woohoo!
  4. sinking my teeth on a sinfully delicious chocolate
  5. mtv.com music videos
  6. twister original pizza
  7. when I catch my boyfriend secretly looking at me with a smile on his face. precious.
  8. B’s patience and positiveness
  9. God’s mysterious ways
  10. ‘me’ time spells shopping


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