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The Happy List: Weekend Rendezvous

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Hello folks! How was your weekend? I, personally, had a blast during a fun-filled weekend. My B (surprisingly) got out of office (last Friday) earlier than usual and we’re able to travel home to the white house. He surprised me with Krispy Kreme tin can (and sweet donuts) to add to my collection and I couldn’t be more happier. Catching up with him after a long and busy week on our way home was such a fun fun time (showbiz news, anyone?). Saturday and Sunday were spent going to thrift stores to unearth some treasures (jackpot finds as B would call it), driving around town, McDo drive-thru breakfast (Twister Fries is back!), running market errands, wrapping gifts (B did) for his nieces and nephew, delivering the gifts and playing with the kids & baby Zsi-Zsi and eating plus eating plus more eating good food.

Hope you all had a fun weekend to recharge you for yet another busy-happy week ahead! Here’s my happy list posted a day delayed. Smile!


Lulu’s Happy List

  1. when my B fixed my photo on dollhouse diary
  2. weekly dose of Gossip Girl
  3. knowing that Pretty Little Liars will go on air on January 2011. I can’t wait!
  4. Good Burger is really good
  5. Krispy Kreme tin can to add to my growing collection from my B
  6. driving around our own little world
  7. lots of thrifted items (photos to follow soon!)
  8. gift-giving and playing with B’s nieces and nephews
  9. festivities and the delicious food that comes with it!
  10. Inipit Ube love

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