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the man behind the camera

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March 9, 2011

{Photo taken last March 9, 2011. Mirror shot while I try on a hat.}

the man behind the camera

is the man behind my big appetite for life.

the man behind the most entertaining jokes hence the man behind my hysterical and roaring laughter.

the man behind mars that only makes me feel good even if i am from venus.

the man behind the creative world that invite the artsy in me.

the man behind the smiles, the laughter and the joy in my heart.

the man behind the hopes, the dreams and the aspirations i continue to nurture.

the man behind the inspiration to live a creative, happy and fulfilled life.

the man behind me when i’m badly down with an illness,

is the same man behind me when i’m bursting with love and energy i could not contain.

the man behind the camera is the man behind my wonderful life, my joyful heart and my sweet soul.

i will forever be grateful for sharing my everyday with you.

i love you, darling with all my heart.

P.S. I sneaky sneak into his photograph collections and took this photo.

Photo credit to you!


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