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TOSH: American Baked Spareribs, Spicy Chicken Tom Yum Pizza and Trio Dessert

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August 30, 2010

We were keen to find a place that will satisfy our palate for good eats at a reasonable price and found ourselves revisiting an old favorite. Although we’re inside a busy city, we felt the distinction upon entering The Old Spaghetti House in Ali Mall. It felt like we stepped into a different world. The restaurant is lit with dim lights, stained glass lamps float above the tables and antique furniture pieces are showcased all over the walls.

There is no doubt that The Old Spaghetti House feels just like a cherished experience with the family. The décor on the walls, which are personal possessions of Lizzie and Chito Guerrero, the owners of the restaurant, friends and family, are priceless. Each piece is unique, irreplaceable, which makes the restaurant feel like a treasured home. The restaurant itself is made of antique wooden panels, antique doors, comfortable bunk seating upholstered with fine fabrics, tiffany lamps, wooden tables, classic batibot chairs, antique decors: brass pots and pans, flower vases, old paintings and art works.

The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) cooks almost all food items on the menu by the order, so you will have to wait for a good few minutes to finally savor your food.

{ simple pleasure. holding hands with the one you love, it makes the ‘waiting’ bearable. i know. cheesy!! }

Generally, they have good service but we waited longer for our order for that particular visit. Apparently, the other young couple ordered almost the same with ours and the waiter mistakenly brought our order to their table. But the prompt lady assisted us as soon as we followed up.

{ finally, it’s time to eat.. }

His: Spicy Chicken Tom Yum Pizza Php245

It’s crisp, it tasted like it has salsa sauce with togue and chicken cubes. And although it has the taste of raw onions, I liked it. Something new for me and worth the try.

Hers: American Baked Spareribs with Java Rice Php185

Ever since I was introduced to TOSH, this has been my all-time favorite. The beef is soft, tender and tasty. You can taste the mozzarella cheese on top of the sauce. And the java rice just complimented the rich taste of the meat. Delicious!

{ “Now what’s for dessert?” }

Sugar-free Chocolate Mousse ?

Funnel Cake with Cream ?

or Frozen Mud Pie ?

We all got three desserts in one plate! Their Trio Dessert Php150

“Look Ma, all gone! :D”

TOSH gave us a chance to step out of the hustle-and-bustle of the city, and relax in a comfortable, classy, homey atmosphere and enjoy good food. All for a reasonable price!

{ young couple.. }

{ even Korean nationals love TOSH. Look, Korean behind me, Korean beside me! Ha ha }

They’ve kept the quality of their food, service and ambiance while maintaining moderate to inexpensive pricing. Which is why families, college students, working people and couples, locals and foreigners alike love to eat here.

The Old Spaghetti House
Ali Mall, Ground Level
Cubao (Accros SM Cubao)
Phone Number: 913-7410

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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