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TOSH, Russian Cookies and Photographs

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i’m sure by now you can tell that we are loving our dining experience at TOSH from here and here. and we continue to delight ourselves in their menu, one by one.  this really seem to be our latest playhouse (our little hang out place) at the moment.

His: American Baked Spareribs with Java Rice Php185

my B is consuming this dish as much as he can. i, myself, is a self-confessed meat junkie that’s why this has been a personal favorite. but since there are a lot of interesting dishes on their menu, i plan not to order the same dish until i gorge each and every dish they have one at a time. *teehee*

Hers: Spaghetti Pesto with Grilled Chicken Php

unlike the rest i’ve tasted, i don’t favor this one as much. the chicken is just ok. but the taste and aroma of the basil in the pesto sauce is just too much! i may not be ordering this ever again. just saying. but, my fondness with this place is unwavering (so far).

shortly after dinner, we spent time arranging our printed photos for our very first photo album. ?

{ lucky we found this from a bookstore. cute little teddy on the cover of our first photo album. so adorable! }

it’s been years and years of memories piling in B’s computer and i pointed out that memories are meant to be shared and not kept and soon be forgotten. boy was i glad when he said we will have our photos printed. saying that i’m ecstatic is underrated.

{ photograph within a photograph. inception much?! }

and — did you know that a broken camera lens still has good use? well, here’s a proof.

{ my eyes captured up-close, with a broken camera lens }

{ a little print on my newly acquired gorgeous notepad }

an interesting discovery that B’s wrecked 50mm camera lens can still be used as a macro lens. how cool is that?! maybe i should post the a photo of this notepad so you can see how small this print is… very cool!

{ Russian cookies from Buchikikok with Love }

my B and i have been calling each other some cute perky names. our recent pet name evolved to being Buchikikok which sounds really funny. what’s even cuter is that he gave me this russian cookies with a note saying “Intro to iskalamoochy.” that is his very own way of smooching me. totally cute. and i’m totally digging it. thanks B. *blush*

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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