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Walk in the Park

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One weekend spent in another city is equivalent to multiple treasured memories.

IMG_6192{ new ferry dock in Cavite }

IMG_6185{ like mother, like son }

IMG_6132{ you are red, i am green }

IMG_6125{ hazy daisy }

IMG_6042{ laughter really is the best medicine. }

IMG_6096{ me }

IMG_6113{ you }

A little photowalk in Samonte Park, Cavite on a Saturday afternoon. Let’s see if all ingredients for a fun afternoon are present.
Laughter – check. Fun – check. Happy times – check. Good memories – check. Tons of pictures – check. Check check check. Yippee!!!

I had so much fun with Brian and Tita Vi. Thank you so much you guys! *smiles*

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