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Want to get the best deals in Manila?

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*re-post* Lots of exciting deals for as low as 90% discount. Sign up now, links below!

Online bargain hunting has never been exciting! Thanks to the myriad of Groupon sites that started sprouting left and right here in our beloved place, Manila.

Groupon is a shortcut for “Group Coupons” that offers unbeatable deals to the hottest restaurants, spa and salon services, health, beauty and fitness, hotel and travel package, store outlets for a minimum of 50% and as high as 90% discount!

How it works? Groupon sites features an amazing deal everyday. Most of these sites require a minimum number of purchases for the deal to be activated. If it didn’t reach the required number, then nobody gets the deal.

Groupon sites in Manila patterned their business model from a popular website called Groupon itself which is a deal-of the-day website that is localized to major geographic markets in the United States and Canada.

Now it’s our time to take advantage of these amazing deals!

Let me share some of the leading Groupon sites here in Manila:

CashCashPinoy has got to be the leading groupon site in Manila. (and my favorite, too!)

What I like about Cash Cash Pinoy is it doesn’t require a minimum number of purchase for the deals to get activated. It is more of a deal/bargain site for us consumers. *lucky*

BUYanihan features good deals everyday. You can buy the deal if you like it but you won’t be charged unless the minimum number of people required to sign up is met to make the deal successful.

Ensogo is a FREE service that offers great deals of 50%-90% savings on the best things to enjoy, see, eat, and buy in Manila.

LocalRoam is a great way to explore your city with your friends without breaking the bank. Each day, LocalRoam offers an amazing deal–up to 90% off–on stuff to do, see, eat, or buy in and around cities in the Philippines.

I personally am a bargain hunter and I would love other groupon sites to spread their wings and offer us a lot of amazing deals between 50-90% off! E.v.e.r.y.d.a.y!

I’ll be sure to share more of my groupon discoveries here with you on the blog, so stay tuned.

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    Hi, i was browsing thru the net searching and i stumble with your blog. Must i say that its interesting to see how you bring your blog to your readers as if they were your friends. Thanks for sharing this to us.


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      Hi Angie [syllabus88@gmail.com], thanks for the comments. I will do my very best to share all the info you will be needing to know on each of my adventures for you to have the same awesome experiences I’m having. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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