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We are what we eat. Choose healthy!

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Since I’m on a mission to have a healthier body (and a slimmer waist line) through exercise, we must not forget that it also entail the need of watching what I eat. That means my quest involves eating healthy, too.

B and I set to have a midweek little date (so as not to miss each other too much) to de-stress and catch up. After meeting for a super secret thingy last night, I dropped by his new office for the first time (few steps away from super secret thingy – hooray!) and head to the mall for dinner.

He chose Kenny Rogers Roasters. At first I thought I would eat rice again but boy was I glad that their healthy meals caught my attention.

I was still feeling jittery and amused and I couldn’t make my mind to decide on what to eat so I settled with their delicious looking sandwich which they call the ‘Light & Easy’ meal.

{ Roast Chicken Sandwich & Chicken Noodle Soup }

Light and easy, indeed. Delicious, simple meal that satisfied my hunger but didn’t make me so full that I couldn’t manage to move around. It’s just the perfect dinner for me right now.

I must agree with The Kenny Promise – “always deliciously healthy.”

What’s your favorite healthy recipe? I would love to try it too!


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