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Welcome, 2012!

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Happy New Year 2012!A new year postcard from my B and yours truly! *woot woot*

It’s been quiet this part of town for quite a while and I know I have a lot of playing catch-up to do around here. Juggling from busy work schedule, personal projects to accomplish, organizing and attending parties left and right, last-minute Christmas shopping and wrapping — it can be pretty crazy during the holidays. But the busy-ness of the holiday 2011 is behind us now and this New Year I am hoping to be more visible here via regular posting.

 It’s true what they say that we can change at any time, but I personally love using the momentum and symbolism of the New Year to bring about a whole new wave of change.

I know you will agree that most of us seem to always want to wait for some sign, some moment of inspiration or some significant occasion to change – and here it is, the year 2012. As we step into a brand new year, we have the chance to create a new life, a better life at that, a life where we value and love ourselves completely, a life filled with happiness, love and excitement.

Here’s to an enchanting, sunny, brand new year!

2012 is OUR year so let’s CLAIM it!




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